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Natai, Khok Kloi, Phang Nga
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Natai Beach is the best Thai beach that you have never heard of

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Natai beach

Travel times from Natai Beach :

Khok Kloi   5 mins. (2 km)
Pilai beach   5 mins. (3 km)
Sai kaew beach   15 mins. (12 km)
Andaman Sea   0 mins. (0 km)
Nam Tok Ton Phrai waterfall   20 mins. (16 km)
Nam Tok Lam Pi waterfall   25 mins. (22 km)
Splash Jungle Water Park   25 mins. (20 km)
Phuket Airport30 mins. (26 km)
Krabi Airport90 mins. (80 km)
Sailing and Yachting
    Phuket Yacht Haven

18 mins. (18 km)

Sarasin Bridge10 mins. (12 km)
A variety of dining
    local to Michelin Star

5 mins. (1 km)

Turtle releasing festival
    Thai Muang 1st March

20 mins. (18 km)

Na Toei countryside
    south of Thai Muang
15 mins. (15 km)
Aquella golf resort
    Thai Muang town

20 mins. (20 km)

Thap Lamu golf
    Royal Thai navy

58 mins. (60 km)

Thap Lamu boat pier
    for Similans diving

58 mins. (60 km)

Thap Lamu boat pier
    to Surin islands

58 mins. (60 km)

Khao Lak58 mins. (60 km)
Takua Pa90 mins. (80 km)
    a journey back in time

80 mins. (78 km)

Phang Nga Town40 mins. (40 km)
Phang Nga Bay
    National Park HQ

25 mins. (30 km)

Wat Khao waterfall  8 mins. (7 km)
Ruan Kaen restaurant   8 mins. (7 km)
Wat Don10 mins. (9 km)
Wat Tha Sai15 mins. (12 km)
Benyaran Museum25 mins. (24 km)
360 degrees   8 mins (8 km)
Lam Pi waterfall20 mins. (15 km)
Dinosea Water Park12 mins. (10 km)
Samet Nangshe

35 mins. (24 km)

Phang Nga Museum40 mins. (40 km)
Phang Nga
    Culture Center

40 mins. (40 km)

Raman Forest Park40 mins. (40 km)
Phung Chang Cave40 mins. (40 km)
Khao Chang40 mins. (40 km)
Tapan Cave40 mins. (40 km)
Wat Tham Ta Pan40 mins. (40 km)
Suwan Khuha Temple30 mins. (30 km)
Chedi Khao Lang Bart40 mins. (40 km)
The Old Sala Klang
    Provincial Hall

40 mins. (40 km)

A drive in the countryside? Route 4 to Route 4 via road 5007
from Na Toei (opposite Wat Prachathikaram) to Takua Thung town along a scenic route

Point of interest:
Thailand Route 4 (aka Phet Kasem Road) runs from Bangkok to the Malaysian border and is the longest main route in Thailand.

National Parks:
1. Ao Phang Nga Bay (30 km)
2. Thai Muang - Khao Lam Pi (20 km to Thai Muang town)
3. Khao Lak - Lam Ru (60 km to Khao Lak)
4. Similan Islands (boat from Lamu pier (just south of KhaoLak))
5. Surin Islands (boat from Lamu pier (just south of KhaoLak))
6. Khao Sok (50 km north east of KhaoLak)

Waterfalls in Phang Nga Province‎

KhaoLak-Lamru National Park

    Lam Ru waterfall - 30 km from KhaoLak via Kapong
    Chong Fah waterfall - 5 km from KhaoLak
    Hin Lad waterfall - approach via Kapong
    Ton Pling waterfall - just south of Park HQ
    Sang Fong waterfall - west of Kapong (not in official park)

Khao LamPi National Park
    Nam Tok Lampi waterfall - close to km 32 marker on route 4
    Nam Tok Ton Phrai waterfall - 7 km from km 29 marker on route 4

Khao Sok National Park

    Mae Yai waterfall - 4 km towards Takua Pa on main road
    Than Kloy waterfall - 9 km from HQ
    Than Sawan waterfall - 9 km from HQ
    Wing Hin waterfall - 3 km from HQ
    Sip-Et Chan waterfall - 4 km from HQ
    Bang Le-Ap Nam waterfall - 4 km from HQ
    Bang Hua Raet waterfall - 3 km from HQ
    Wang Yaow waterfall - 3 km from HQ

Natai Beach Hotels:-

Iniala Beach House Natai beach
Maikhao Dream Resort Natai beach
Le Coral Hideaway Natai beach
Le Coral Hideaway Natai beach
Lantala Natai beach
Apa Tree Boutique Hotel Khok Kloi
Aleenta Natai beach
Natai House Natai beach
Santhiya Natai beach
Coastal escape Natai beach
Twin Villas Natai beach
Palm Inn Natai beach

Natai Beach Resort Natai beach
Akyra Natai Beach
Baba beach club Natai Beach
Grand Villa Noi Natai beach
Le Coral hideaway Natai beach
Aleenta Hotel Natai beach
Coastal Escape Natai beach
Natai House Natai beach
Apa Tree Boutique Hotel Khok Kloi
Erawan Hotel Khok Kloi
Win Wan Resort Natai beach
Iniala Beach House Natai beach
The Nest Khok Kloi
Apa-Tree boutique hotel Khok Kloi
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