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Natai, Khok Kloi, Phang Nga
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Natai Beach is the best Thai beach that you have never heard of

Natai Beach Phang Nga

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Near Phuket. Natai travel guide

Everything you need to know about Natai

Have you ever heard of Natai beach?

First time in Natai ?

Natai Beach is the best Thai beach that you have never heard of.
Imagine a stretch of white sands ten kilometres long that's completely free of vendors and beach umbrellas. There are no tailor shops, sleazy bars, buzzing jet skis or speedboats.

Welcome to Na Tai near Khok Kloi. Natai Beach is situated in a beautiful pocket of Phang Nga near Khok Kloi, where the sea air mingles with rivers, traditional shrimp farms, fishing villages, woods and rolling agricultural fields.

It is undeniably satisfying when you come across a place that is beautiful, relaxing and almost completely empty. And this is exactly what we have at Natai Beach, a few kilometres from Khok Kloi

Actually Khok Kloi itself is a pragmatic town with pragmatic shops - mechanics and car showrooms, homeware and electrical shops, a Tesco Lotus, most major banks, and a few minimarts.
And the centrepoint of Natai beach is Natai pier which is a spot for anglers and fishing boats. Either side of the pier is a beautiful stretch of soft white sand

This unspoiled and exclusive location of Natai Beach in Phang Nga Province, offers the opportunity to completely get away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas, yet still have access to key facilities just a few minutes away.

Natai beach itself has just a small sampling of high end villas in the area. It is essentially a tropical luxury hideaway which offers privacy and seclusion.

For everyday shopping, the nearby town of Khok Kloi is ideal. There are restaurants, and shops, including a Tesco Lotus supermarket.

And of course there is the beautiful Natai beach.

It is a ten minute drive north of Phuket island from Sarasin Bridge and Phuket international airport is only 28 km away. Yet the location remains quiet and relatively undisturbed.
Relax and enjoy your stay, away from all the tourist hype, to explore Phang Nga province and Phang Nga Bay.

Natai Beach

Natai Beach is the best Thai beach that you have never heard of

Natai, near Khok Kloi, Phang Nga province

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natai beach

Natai Beach | Phang Nga holiday